I have a confession to make. I tried to count my WIPs the other day.
I came to 12 then got scared and stopped counting 😶
You know what the worst thing is? Some projects are NEARLY done. Seriously!

These socks for instance.

Sock #1 is done and sock #2 just needs a tiny bit of heel knitting. For over 3 months now! And I have more projects like that.

Enough is enough though! There are just a few weeks left of 2017 and I am determined to finish off a couple of these projects! Literally and figuratively speaking because some projects don’t make it into the new year and disappear forever into the frog pond 😄😅

On that note:
DONE! YES! On to the next project 😉

Materials used:
Feet/legs Jawoll Magic kleurnummer 0079 , Jawoll (uni) kleurnummer 0004 for toes/heels/cuffs ,  HiyaHiya Steel circular needles 2.25 mm

Non/made it up using 60 stitches

Magic Loop + Toe up + After though heel

Okay, fess up. Who else has too many projects on the needles?
Strike that. We all know the answer to that 😂

Different question: who else is game for finishing up projects? Just keep an eye on my instagramfeed or check #finishingknits2017 to follow my progress in finishing 😅

Happy crafting!

Making Plans

Days are just too short to work out all the ideas that are popping up my your head. Anyone else got that problem?

Because of the huge amount of patterns and projects that I see on Ravelry, Instagram and Facebook, I often lay wide awake in my bed thinking about which project I would like to knit / crochet first.

I’m matching yarns and patterns in my mind wishing I had the time to cast on every project. But I always come to the same conclusion; there are more projects on my list than I can ever make in my life time! Especially after a day in the candy wool shop, surrounded by all the pretty yarns  😉

Take Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl for example.  Absolutely gorgeous in handdyed yarns but after all the crazy fades and pops lately I’d make it with a more rustic yarn like Donegal Merino by Langyarns.
A beautiful 100% merino yarn spun and dyed according to old traditions in Ireland. You can make this shawl with 2 skeins (190m per 50 grams / € 8.95) but if you want to make it a little bigger just grab 3 skeins.

The pattern is available for free on Ravelry.

© Diva100

© defibula



© Flongstocking


From now until friday november 17th – € 2,50 off when you buy (at least) 2 skeins of Donegal Merino by Lang Yarns.  Use code DWD2017DONEGAL at checkout.


Happy crafting!

New colorways – Fall 2017

Brrr..with those cold and rainy days lately, the warm summer days have definitely come to an end. Is it just me or is summer always too short?😔

But there is also something positive to say about weather change! With the days getting shorter and shorter, the color palette of my yarn dyeing also changes. And that leads to some very pretty yarns if I do say so myself 😄

Aren’t they wonderfull the new Fall colors? There are a whopping 9 new colorways, which can be dyed on all yarn bases. Here are a few in Diva Sock Star and Diva Sock Bamboo  but if you want to swap yarns/colors or want a totally different yarn base just send me a note via the contactpage and I’ll see what I can do for you. See all 9 new colors here.

Beside these wonderful new colorways there is som awesome news for participants of the new Stephen West Mystery Knit Along: Speckle en Pop MKAL 2017.

Especially for this MKAL I have put together complete sets of 6 miniskeins for the required pop! And if you only need 1 or 2 colors, then you can get them as seperate mini’s too 😁


The (paid for) pattern is available through Ravelry.

Happy crafting!